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The Glass Art Society - an international organization of several thousand glass artists and educators - met in St. louis in June, 2006. There were numerous workshops, demonstrations, and lectures, as well as exhibitions all over town. The main conference venue was the Millenium Hotel downtown on the river. In three days, I attended over 20 events.
Many of the demonstrations took place at Third Degree Glass, a very large multipurpose glass facility. Above are photos of the building's facade and the hot shop. Even the restrooms were glass-related (below). Outside the building were portable hot shops from the Corning Museum of Glass and Southern Illinois University. Students from Alfred University (NY) were using the SIU portable at the time of the photo below on the right.
While at the G.A.S. Conference, I talked with Deborah Horrell about pate de verre casting. The process involves making a paste of granulated glass and glue, which is then packed into a mold (below left) and fired to create a vessel. Also Mauro Bonaventura flameworked large globes (below) with small human figures in the centers.
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