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I went to Ed Hoy's in Chicago early in June for a casting workshop with Jayne Persico. Through July and August, I spent time at Fred diFrenzi's studio in Louisville, also learning glass casting techniques.
With Jayne Persico, we made a wax model and invested it in Hyroperm plaster. The red wax was melted out of the mold in the kiln. We then cast a silicone rubber positve (purple, in the photo). Finally, sheet glass was cut and the mold filled, then fired (greenish piece in the photo).
Thoughout July and part of August, I participated in a casting workshop
at the Louisville studio of Fred diFrenzi.
The process involved making clay models, casting them in Hydocal/silica investment to make a mold, then loading the molds with pieces of dalle glass from Kokomo Opalescent Glass, and firing.
The finished castings (below left) are one to three inches thick. I plan to continue working with Fred (below in the red hat) this fall (2006) and later.
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